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Horse Riding Games Online for Free Without Download: Experience the Thrill of Riding a Virtual Horse

Horse riding games are designed for all horse fans. Boys and girls can ride virtual 3D horses or pet and groom a little pony and then train them for the real race. Go on a horseback ride with a princess or a knight and reach your goal in each game.

Horse Riding is the title of your favorite horse sport. This is a place that offers you the most popular horse riding games and is created for all horse admirers, just like you and me. Who doesn`t like to ride the most majestic animal in the world?We all agree that it will be like a dream come true, but if we cant ride a horse in reality, why don`t we play the best horse riding games here, at Take a Pony Ride, play Animal Doctor or Niki Round Up and feel free to enter the world of realistic horse riding. The Lance is the game that will test your horse riding skills and your reflexes, Forest Ride is a cute riding game, Pony Ride even cutest dress up, while Nimian Hunter is a tough one. You can say that we have them all for all tastes. And don`t forget that we add the latest horse riding games whenever they are available and all that for free. Put your boots on and let the horse ride begin!

horse riding games online for free without download

Play the best horses games for free. We have collected 22 popular horses games for you to play on LittleGames. They include new and top horses games such as Horses Puzzle, My Pony My Little Race, Farm Valley, Horse Family Animal Simulator 3D and Horse Riding Simulator. Choose a horses game from the list and you can play online on your mobile or computer for free.

Force. Grace. Speed... Horses for us mean perfection. They are just perfect. We admire their movements on fields. We cant imagine life without horses. is a site created for people as we are - Admirers of Horses and Equestrian sports. Feel free to play all day long on because we have the Biggest Collection of Free Online Horse Games. We have more than 5000 free horse and animal games. Also we have created the biggest library of Horse Breeds

We pick all of these games carefully and manually with the goal of giving you the best pleasure and entertainment. Your pleasure while playing our games and all of the games hosted on horse games is the most important thing to us. We will always try to anticipate your wishes and needs. Because the games are fun and we like having fun. Some of our games will take you to wonderful places of virtual reality, and some of them will make you feel like you are the most famous horse riders in the world. Our games don't know about age limits, gender etc. They are made for all of the young and old people and all of the boys and girls in the world. Also, we always strive and try to decrease the number of ads. And you know what? We are may be the safest site in the world. Because we pick all of the games carefully and manually and of course, all of the games are played by us first and we never publish games that may disturb our visitors in any way. There aren't any games with violence. Because playing is entertainment that can be exciting, but at the same time that has to be nonviolent and safe for the youngest visitors. At the very beginning, we were focused only on games with horses, but over time, as the interest for new and exciting games increased, we started publishing games with ponies, unicorns etc. Also, very similar to the horse games, we have the best animal games. All this is for providing new content and keep our attendance with the newest and the best games in these categories. Also, we may be the only site that has all of the games with horses and we have the best collections of such games. Of course, only the ones that don't contain violence or any other forms of destroying our visitors' dignity. On our site, you can fint the best serials of games such as: Snail Bob, Bob The Robber, Jumporama, Stickman and much more. Do you like games with horse jumping? We sure have the best of them. Just look at our collection of 542 Amazing Horse jumping games and everything will come clear. You like Horse riding or horse racing games? We have the best of them too. And not only the best, because we can be subjective, we have almost all of them. If we don't have a certain game and you think that we should, you can comfortably write us an e-mail and we will add it to the collection.

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Here you can play online and completely free the best Horse Racing Games and Horse Jumping Games. And do not have any doubts about our commitment for you. We are adding new and even better games every single day. It is simply pleasant to spend time with Play and enjoy!

To this day online horse games are still one of my favorite ways to push off all the boring stuff like homework, papers, laundry, cleaning my room ... you get the picture. As a result of my professional procrastination - and I take great pride in this - I played pretty much all the horse games around.

The games I have played over the years have all made their way onto this page so you too can join in on the fun of procrastinating life with fun online horse games! There are a ton of awesome horse games on this page so my current online horse game favorites are listed above under best online horse games. But don't worry if those are not the games for you we have plenty more for you to choose from.

Example: When I was playing Horse Isle online I really enjoyed it but I wanted a game with better graphics that made me feel like I was actually with the horses and riding. With that in mind I went out looking and that is how I found Ride! An Equestrian Simulation

Unfortunately this online horse game doesn't appear to be around any longer. I used to love this game mainly because there were tons of different wild horses to catch. There was the usual horse care, horse training, horse breeding, and horse competitions within the game. I was very sad to see this game disappear as it was one of my favorite horse sims games.

Unfortunately thisgame does not seem to be around any more. Christina, one of ourhorsecrazygirl friends, told me about Pony Island. It was a great game ifyou really liked fantasy horse breeds and mystical creatures. Youcould breed new types of ponies, raise them, feed them, and even entercompetitions. Within the game there were even mini games, virtualstores for you to buy goods for your pony at, and more. Plus there wasan online community that you could join and share your own drawingswith.

Riding Games are the category where you get to feel the wind in your hair and the thrill of the ride. Whether you're riding a horse, a bike, or a snowboard, these games let you experience the excitement and adrenaline of different types of riding. In these games, you'll get to explore different environments and terrains while mastering your riding skills. From racing down a mountain on a snowboard to jumping over obstacles on a horse, there's no shortage of challenges to overcome.

Riding games come in all shapes and sizes, from realistic simulators to wacky and over-the-top games. Some focus on speed and competition, while others are more about exploration and adventure. But one thing they all have in common is the sense of freedom and adventure that comes with riding.

Here you will find tons of horse games designed for playing on the PC. Some of the PC horse games that we reviewed need to be downloaded, others come only as CDs/DVDs, and some of them actually work to play directly in your browser (no download). There is probably more horse games on this platform than on any other, because there are so many flash games and online horse games which are easy and fast to develop as oppose to games on your PS3, Wii, NDS or other console.

This is a simple 3D horse riding game where you can take care of your horse and compete to become the next champion in dressage, rallying or show jumping. Unfortunately you can play only 60 min for free.

Horse Isle is a free online horse game that offers a 2D experience of a unique horse world. Your character travels across islands and explores forests and ruins. They can capture wild horses, sell them, and buy them.

Online horse games are the perfect solution for those who want to experience the excitement of horse competitions without having to leave their home. These games provide all of the thrills and responsibilities of owning, caring for, and riding horses without the hassle or expense.

Another top game for horse people is to simulate riding, grooming, and other aspects of horse ownership. Please note that the game is geared toward girls interested in show jumping. It is also very basic and might bore experienced players of sim games due to its ease.

One of the best-animated series to be streamed all over the world on Netflix is Spirit Riding Free, an animated show created as a spin-off from the Oscar-nominated movie called Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, one of the best animations to have come out in 2001, and now, more than two decades later, the characters have been brought back in this new show, which has run for six seasons as of now, with a seventh being planned for Fall 2020, and there is going to be even a feature film created for it, expanding the franchise even more.If the show had not been a hit, trust us when we say that so many episodes would not have been produced, and since there are so many fans who love watching these characters and their adventures on-screen, it was natural that a bunch of online Spirit Riding Free Games would appear as well, games that you can now find and play for free here, where we have set up the best collection of games based on the show, just for you, waiting for you to let the fun begin right away!

When it comes to the games you are able to find and play here, considering the nature of the show and its setting, it was only natural that horse-riding games can be found here quite a lot, where Lucky and her friends invite you to hop on their trusty horses. Obviously, horse racing games are also going to be found here, because riding a horse freely and slowly is fun, but it is even more fun when the stakes are high, and you try to give your best to be faster than the other horses you are competing against.Go for a ride with the horses, play together with a friend in two-player horse games such as Spirit Rhythm, where you also have a lot of awesome musical elements, play horse coloring games where you take Spirit, Chica Linda, and Boomerang, coloring them in ways that are different from what they look in the show, take a horse and raise it from a young age until it is a healthy adult horse, play around the farms, and go for rides with your favorite horses in animation ever, like only with our free Spirit Games online you can!

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