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Where To Buy Amber Glass Dropper Bottles LINK

Amber colored Boston round glass bottles with small neck. Wonderful glass containers for storing cosmetics, herbal extracts, and so much more. Especially designed to withstand certain levels of UV contamination, thus being the ideal storage solution for light sensitive compounds. Amber bottles are suitable for food or cosmetic packaging. We do not recommend storing essential oils with these droppers as the bulb will degrade over time.

where to buy amber glass dropper bottles

Amber glass bottles are great for making your own products for kitchen, bath, or body! Glass is infinitely recyclable and stable for essential oils and will not leach plastic into the contents. Featuring a black dropper top, this Boston round bottle is an ideal storage choice for tinctures, essential oils, eye drops, medicine and more. Amber glass offers a classic aesthetic and UV protection for light-sensitive ingredients. 2 oz: Width: 1.5" s Height: 4.6" 4 oz Width: 1.9" x Height: 5.3"

Amber glass dropper bottles with glass pipette and rubber bulb for HEO bottles. Store upright. Essential oils, tinctures and carrier oil may degrade the rubber over time. Consider using a cap for long-term storage. Hopewell Essential Oils cannot be responsible for replacing the rubber bulb/pipette or essential oil if you experience degraded rubber. 041b061a72

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