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Page 1 Daoist Body Cultivation Edited By Livia ...

Dantian cultivation serves to connect and unite with Dao. Thecultivation process first involves transforming essence to qi and qi tospirit, from where it extends into the cosmos to unite with Dao. Subtlemethods of breathing, postures, movements, energy circulations andmeditations are used to refine qi and accomplish internal transformation.There are different methods, but they all work with qi in ways that beginwith the physical body and progress to the mental and spiritual aspects ofexistence. "This equal weighting of spirit and matter within analchemical continuum of transmutation distinguishes internal alchemy frompurely transcendent approaches seeking the absolute" (Winn 2009, 188).

Page 1 Daoist Body Cultivation Edited by Livia ...

In addition to solving the hard problem of conscious, Daoism andits methods of qi-cultivation can help solve many problems we currently facein the world. Working simultaneously with body and mind cultivates onenessand unites human beings. Uniting human beings from different, and evenconflicting, cultures can reduce problems such as inequality, violence,crime, and drug abuse while increasing mental health, educational motivation,positive attitudes, and peace. There is an important place for Daoism in ourworld. It's there, we just have to use it.

T'aiChi According to the I Ching: Embodying the Principles of the Book of Changes. By Stuart Alve Olson. Rochester, Vermont, Inner Traditions International Ltd., 2001. 224pages. ISBN: 0892819448. VSCL. 041b061a72

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