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Park Master: How to Solve the Car Parking Puzzles in 3D

IMPROVE RECREATIONAL FACILITIES: This includes refurbished sports courts, better lighting at soccer and basketball facilities and programs administered from Recreation Center. Initially, there was interest in establishing a skate park and a large contingent in favor of converting all tennis courts to pickle ball. As it was determined that those favoring pickle ball were largely from outside the San Antonio Park service area, these survey responses were given less weight (by zip code). Ultimately, a new dog play area was preferred by more respondents than a skate park.

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I wasn't able to attend the community engagement meetings - how can I participate in the master planning process? Presentation slides of the meetings can be found in the "Documents" section below in English, Spanish, Chinese, and Vietnamese. Also, the Project Webpage will continue to be updated with upcoming public meeting information as well as other project-related documents.

How much Measure KK funding is available for San Antonio Park? Currently, approximately $1M is available, and a portion of that amount will be used for the master planning process and the remainder will be applied toward identified park renovations and improvements.

Since the completion of the Prescott Park Master Plan and the Prescott Park Policy Advisory Committee, the City has engaged Weston & Sampson to assist it with the enabling engineering to begin implementation of the Plan. This work is funded via Capital Improvement Program. A topographical survey of the Park, along with a survey of the underground utilities and an assessment of the historic buildings has been completed In addition, the consultants have completed tidal inundation study to establish resiliency goals for the upgraded park.

The draft Oregon Ridge Park Master Plan is now publicly available. View the plan and appendices below. Submit a questionnaire response or email with comments, ideas or questions.

Lardner/Klein Landscape Architects (L/KLA) was selected to lead the master planning process and is responsible for evaluating the existing amenities within Oregon Ridge, public outreach to County residents and recommendations for future enhancements.

Members of the public have been engaged throughout the process through virtual and in-person meetings, interviews, informal park events, emailed and phoned comments, and surveys. Below is the timeline, including completed and upcoming steps. Videos of past meetings and links to join future meetings can be found in the calendar at the bottom of this page.

NEW! On April 20, 2023, Montgomery Planning staff provided the Planning Board with an overview of the preliminary recommendations for the Takoma Park Minor Master Plan Amendment, including land use, zoning, transportation, environment, parks and open spaces, housing and community facilities. Watch the presentation: English አማርኛ Español Français

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The Takoma Park Minor Master Plan Amendment will address properties located within the approved plan boundary that includes the Washington Adventist Hospital and University campuses, the Erie Center (located at the intersection of Flower Avenue and Erie Avenue), and multi-family properties, parks and the Takoma Park Community Center located along Maple Avenue.

A minor master plan amendment, like the Takoma Park Minor Master Plan Amendment, revisits a specific portion of the approved and adopted master plan and reexamines certain elements, often to address a change that was not anticipated at the time the adopted master plan was approved.

A minor master plan amendment, like the Takoma Park Minor Master Plan Amendment, revisits a specific portion of the approved and adopted master plan and reexamines certain elements, often to address a change that was not anticipated at the time the adopted master plan was approved. The Minor Master Plan Amendment may offer new recommendations, or it may reconfirm the existing plan recommendations.

The Takoma Park Minor Master Plan Amendment provides the Takoma Park community with the opportunity to shape a better future for the Plan Area. The plan also creates the potential for increased public benefits and amenities, including improved access to and availability of public transit and pedestrian infrastructure, parks and open space, and additional community facilities.

Comprised of 538 acres, Wheaton Regional Park is in the lower, eastern part of the county. It is near the Wheaton, Glenmont, and Kemp Mill communities and adjoins Northwest Branch Stream Valley Park to the east. As a regional park, Wheaton Regional Park provides large-scale facilities with the capacity to serve the entire county, such as the adventure playground, and destination amenities such as the ice rink, carousel, and miniature train.

The park remains vibrant and popular, but it is also aging. The comprehensive plan update was needed to reflect the many changes that have occurred over the last 30 plus years so that the park can better serve the adjacent communities as well as residents throughout the county. The new master plan will also guide plans for future renovations and growth.

Established in 1883, the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) oversees a renowned urban park system spanning 7,059 acres of parkland and water. Featured among its 185 park properties are 55 miles of parkways, 102 miles of Grand Rounds biking and walking paths, 22 lakes, 12 formal gardens, seven golf courses and 49 recreation centers. Altogether, MPRB properties receive more than 30 million visits annually.

Fred Richards Park is being created from the former Fred Richards Golf Course, which closed in 2014. The 43-acre site, almost double the size of Centennial Lakes Park, will become a multi-use park for a variety of activities year round.

The Russian Jack Springs Park Master Plan will be an update to the 1979 and 1998 RJSP master plans and will provide a 20-year vision for the future of the park. The master plan will identify current and future needs, address issues and concerns, and establish a framework for future management, maintenance, and development of the park.

Russian Jack Springs Park is one of Anchorage's oldest and most popular parks. Located in the heart of east Anchorage, Russian Jack Springs Park features both developed facilities and natural areas providing opportunities for year-round recreation. The park is approximately 300 acres and is divided by Debarr Road forming a north and south Russian Jack Springs Park which is connected by a paved multi-use trail.

In fall of 2015, Anchorage Parks and Recreation began working the Northeast Community Council Parks Committee to start the process of identifying and prioritizing new improvements for Chanshtnu Muldoon Park. The master plan received resolutions of support from the Northeast and Scenic Foothills Community Councils, the Parks and Recreation Commission, and the Planning and Zoning Commission.

It has been close to 20 years since the last master plan has been developed for Warner Memorial Park. The latest master plan process started in 2017 with a neighborhood survey. Since that time, there has been nine public interactions, six advisory board meetings, and three City Commission Work Sessions concerning the Park. It was clear throughout the master plan process that there were differing opinions on the future of Warner Memorial Park. Manhattan residents showed great interest in the process and this level of public engagement helps City Administration, Advisory boards, and the City Commission make informed decisions on the future of our community open spaces.

Warner Memorial Park will continue to be a gem in the City's parks system. 80 acres of undeveloped public open space in the middle of a city is a precious resource that the community has a vested interest in protecting. Preservation of open space must be balanced against the needs and rights of the public to access and enjoy the parkland. This master plan recommends strategies based on the majority of public sentiment that supported minimal development and change to the Park. Based on these recommendations, Manhattan Parks and Recreation will continue to sustainably manage the native park landscape and promote appropriate public uses of the Park so residents and visitors can enjoy Kern Warner's legacy park for years to come.

The colored park master plan graphics depict the vision of the ultimate park build-out developed during the park master planning process as of the date shown on the master plan graphic. The specific park depicted by the master plan graphic may be: still undeveloped land awaiting capital funds for the realization of the master plan; partially developed but awaiting additional capital funds to complete the park build-out; largely completed. During the construction design process elements shown on the park master plan may be revised.

The master plan appendices with graphics listed below are in .pdf format. Simply click on a park to view the pdf. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to view these documents.

The Gulley Park Master Plan was updated in 2018. Since then the trails have been improved in the park, the Niokaska Trail has been constructed, the Township Parking lot has been expanded, and the restroom has been renovated. Work to expand and renovate the playground area as well as add an interactive fountain, seating areas, pavilion, outdoor games area, and connectivity to the Old Wire lot will begin in late summer of 2023.

Construction of the playground area improvements will start in late summer and are expected to be complete in spring of 2024. Construction of the parking lot addition and renovations to the restroom were completed in 2021.

In late 2014, the City of Fayetteville expanded Gulley Park with the acquisition of a ten-acre parcel on the park's north side. This expansion prompted an update to the overall development plan for the Park, resulting in the adopted layout below. Specific development ideas resulting from discussions at a 2016 public meeting, as well as written and emailed comments, were evaluated and many were incorporated into the master plan. The acquisition also included two adjacent houses; however, these were put on the market and publicly sold through a bidding process. The larger of the two homes was purchased by Apple Seeds, Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit committed to the inspiration of healthy living through garden-based education. As a stipulation of the offer, Apple Seeds requested a twenty-year lease of an adjacent two acres for the establishment of an interpretive teaching farm. It was determined that this mission of Apple Seeds coincided with ideas favored by the City of Fayetteville and the Parks and Recreation Department to establish public gardens and orchards, provide education and interpretation of fresh food sourcing, and increase public knowledge on farm-to-table food processing, so the City agreed to the sale and two-acre lease.

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