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Download the Ultimate Sudoku Solver for Excel and Enjoy the Challenge

Microsoft office is always presenting workable templates to ease your task. The PowerPoint, Word and Excel templates also exhibit Sudoku grids for you or you can browse any free online website to play your favorite game and download your own template.

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Sudokus are fun games and are not simple no-brainers rather they test your brain and skills and are quite easy to learn. If you are a fan of Sudoku then we have the perfect printable Sudoku which you can easily print and play daily. The Sudoku are available in various formats like PSD, PDF, word etc. for your convenience. So download the free printable Sudoku and trick your mind into solving the next best Sudoku puzzle. The Sudoku puzzles are available in different levels easy medium and hard that you can print and even download them in any formats from Word to pdf etc.

Download Zipped FileDescriptionThis program will solve (most) standard sudoku puzzles. I say "most" instead of "all" because this version of the solver relies on logic-only solving. If "brute force" (that is, guessing) is ever required, the solver will get stuck. I do not consider that a disadvantage.

Matt Quinn sent along this version of a sudoku solver, which is also a logic-only solver, and has a hints feature and a load of other buttons. It's a more muscular program than mine, for sure, more code, faster solve, more complete logic. Makes me jealous and now I have to fix mine up some...

Note: If you are looking for a place to do Sudoku online, need a sudoku for your palm or other pda, or if you want a Sudoku solver, you should take a look at the links at the bottom of this page. My personal favorite is Andrew Stuart's Sudoku Solver because you can solve the Suduku puzzles step-by-step and choose what strategies you want the solver to use.

We tested it with hundred of Sudoku puzzles to see if it worked or hung in resolution, however, we observed that one Sudoku solver in Excel could solve any Sudoku puzzle.To date, we have not been able to find a single puzzle not been able to be solve. The vast majority of them can be solve in less than 3 seconds and for programs or people interested to learn VBA, it can be useful.This solver is the most downloaded among Sudoku solvers made in Excel-VBA

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Sudokus must have a unique solution in addition to having rotational symmetry. For this reason, it is important to have a Sudoku solver, like the one present in our website, so that people who are not able to solve it as well as for those who want to verify that has been done.Download online is also free.

The simplicity of the rules make it easy for beginners, however, it is not easy for many when they search online for free sudoku puzzles and they are not able to solve it, like the one present on this page.The satisfaction of completing a puzzle may be another reason why, although in many cases we do not have the ability to solve them.We improve our skills as we play.

A Sudoku may also be modelled as a constraint satisfaction problem. In his paper Sudoku as a Constraint Problem,[12] Helmut Simonis describes many reasoning algorithms based on constraints which can be applied to model and solve problems. Some constraint solvers include a method to model and solve Sudokus, and a program may require fewer than 100 lines of code to solve a simple Sudoku.[13][14] If the code employs a strong reasoning algorithm, incorporating backtracking is only needed for the most difficult Sudokus. An algorithm combining a constraint-model-based algorithm with backtracking would have the advantage of fast solving time - of the order of a few milliseconds[15] - and the ability to solve all sudokus.[16]

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