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Gotto Move On Remix MP3 Download _HOT_

Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality downloads of The General, The Next Step, Rae Town, Quietude, HeatRockz 2.0, Pantone, Love N Art, HeatRockz, and 3 more. , and , . Purchasable with gift card Buy Digital Discography $42.40 USD or more (20% OFF) Send as Gift lyrics Intro:UhInztinkz... Five SteezFor the streets... and all the corporate peepsWhatever you do to survive... Nine to five... Any type of hustle... whateverListen (let's go)ChorusI'm just slaving on the plantationseeing all the MONEY that the bossman makingI don't wanna be here, yo, I can't take itSometimes it feel like eternal damnationbut I'm right here slaving on the plantationcan't afford to have my car and my land takenI woke up from the dream that I had made itHow did I get here? It must be bad placementbut I'm right hereVerse 1:Another day again, the same old ishgoing to work, I hope the day go quicksitting in the traffic in the morning still yawningheading to the office feeling like I missed my callingthere's a hundred things that I'd rather dolike, catch my crew on the ends passing throughI need a scheme to get cream but don't have a clueI want a few mil and somewhere to stash it tooquitting is a backwards move if I got no other meansto make some better cream and pursue my dreamsso I'm stuck here, bored, unhappyshoulda known from the interview they gon' trap meand what was the point of my college educationif I'm here and the knowledge getting wastedtaking orders, running round like a chumpso close to leaving till I get my cheque end of month and I'm...ChorusVerse 2:Money has to be made, we all slaves to the cashsome get it slow and others get it fastyou fortunate, if you born wid it, cause I know peoplethat work hard for it just to pay their student loanor the rent, or the mortgage for their newest homepay bills, raise kids, buy food and clothesit's all about filling pockets, on the street, in the officewhether you dropped out or went to collegewe all the same 'cause nobody wanna do this trickas for me, always wanted just to use my giftspit some rhymes and get up in the music bizpeople try to tell me that's a foolish wishlike, how will I survive, but I can't let my dreams dieon this nine to five so I gotta tryI'd rather fall flat on my face if I don't make ituntil then, yo, I'm here where I hate itChorusVerse 3:As the sun rise, it starts to feel dark and gloomylaying half asleep in bed, it's so hard to move me'cause this job is not where my heart is trulyit's like they casted me for the wrong part of the movieI can't do that crap, it bore me to deathgo to lunch, come back and surf the internetthis stuff is too easy, don't hold my interestI want to rip mics and prove that I'm Kingston's bestnot even in my prime, barely writing rhymesthis time, proposals and reports for deadlinesI hate it here, let me make that clearI'm for the paper, yeah, that's my motivation therethis can't be my career, my talents are too rareI need to find an exit but that don't seem too nearbut here's what I'ma do, get on the mic in the boothand clear out these fake rappers by writing the truthChorus $(".lyricsText").last().bcTruncate(TruncateProfile.get("tralbum_long"), "more", "less"); credits from War for Peace, released August 21, 2012 license all rights reserved tags Tags alternative hip hop boom bap five steez hip-hop/rap indie hip hop inztinkz jazz rap slaving on the plantation underground hip hop Kingston Shopping cart total USD Check out about Five Steez Kingston, Jamaica

Gotto Move On Remix MP3 Download


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