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[S3E8] New Jazz [EXCLUSIVE]

In the superlab, Walt tries to fire Gale without hurting his feelings. When Gale pushes for an explanation, Walt tried to use a musical analogy, saying that he is "classical" while Gale is "more jazz". At that moment, Jesse arrives and loudly marvels at the setup in the lab, leaving Gale more confused. When Walt wants to get right to work, Jesse realizes that Walt is unaware that Hank has been shot.

[S3E8] New Jazz


Rose has not returned by dinner time. A cab driver is brought into the dining room. Rose left a scarf in his taxi, and he has come to return it. The driver is able to tell them where he drove Rose. He tells them that she went to the house of a male friend, and they spent two hours together, before having the driver take them to a nightclub. He describes it as "that kind of club". When asked what kind, he says, "you know". They go to the club where there is jazz, inappropriate dancing and dress, and a great deal of drinking. Matthew describes it as an outer circle of Dante's Inferno. They are shocked to see a very different Rose on the dance floor. Edith, Matthew and Rosamund follow them to their table. Rose is appalled. She introduces them to her much older lover Terence Margadale who Rosamund determines is married. Rose says that he used to work for her father. She begs them not to tell her parents. Matthew dances with Rose, and makes her promise not see this man for the remainder of her time with them. Matthew is unsympathetic as Rose portrays him as a married man with a horrid wife for which divorce is difficult. He advises her to meet his wife and decide for herself. Rose agrees not to see him for now, and they leave the nightclub.

LaDonna Batiste-Williams faces increasing intimidation from associates of the man who raped her as his trial date approaches. Police harassment of Sofia Bernette continues as Toni progresses her investigation into departmental corruption. Antoine Batiste approaches Delmond Lambreaux for advice about learning to play modern jazz. Albert Lambreaux begins his chemotherapy treatment. Sonny sells his instruments to fund an engagement ring for Linh. Annie Talarico and Davis McAlary drift apart. Nelson Hidalgo proves his value to C.J. Liguori. Janette Desautel successfully opens her restaurant. Terry Colson loses the support of his colleagues when he refuses to keep quiet about the department's problems. 041b061a72

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